5.1 Support

The following section includes resources to find assets for personnel, equipment, and supplies to support an incident.

5.1.1 Ground Support

5.1.2 Supply

  • Responsible for ordering personnel, equipment and supplies; receiving and storing all supplies for an incident; maintaining an inventory of supplies; and servicing non-expendable supplies and equipment
  • USCG Response Resource Inventory System – USCG database of Oil Spill Response Organizations cgrri.uscg.mil/UserReports/WebClassificationReport.aspx

5.1.3 Facilities

  • Responsible for activation and layout of incident facilities; provides sleeping and sanitation facilities for response personnel; and manages base and camp operations.
    • Site security – generally, local law enforcement or responsible party will provide site security at the scene of an incident. However, FOSC has authority to provide for site security as necessary.
  • National Nuclear Security Administration Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) – The RAP is the nation’s premier first-response resource in assessing an emergency situation and advising decision-makers on steps to take to evaluate and minimize the hazards of a radiological incident. www.nnsa.energy.gov/aboutus/ourprograms/emergencyoperationscounterterrorism/respondingtoemergencies/firstresponders-0