4.3 Tools

Standalone planning tools and information resources. Clicking on a section title will open the selected tool.

4.3.1 Air Monitoring Evaluation Flowchart

This tool is designed to help the responder identify appropriate actions for possible hazardous chemicals and radiation. Where the response type or any target chemicals are known, the user can view chemical characteristics, monitoring equipment and guidance, and appropriate measures based on levels present. Where environmental conditions are unknown, decision steps are laid out to help determine next courses of action."

4.3.2 Inland Response Tactics Manual

General information about tactics for use during initial response to spills to fresh water. Includes a description of the tactic, deployment considerations and limitations, equipment and personnel needed, support requirements and other reference information. Developed by Alaska Clean Seas and adapted for use in other regions.

4.3.3 Habitat Factsheets

Overviews of response considerations for habitats likely to be found in and around nearshore and inland waterways. Each factsheet includes a general description of the habitat, information about the habitat’s sensitivity to oil spills and to response methods, a list of response methods sorted by level of impact, and sources of additional information.

4.3.4 Incident Command System Forms

An index of links to standard ICS forms, provided as fillable forms in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.