3.4 Sample Collection

3.4.1 Sample Collection Procedures

The OSC must observe precautions when collecting and handling liquid samples for analyses, as the character of the sample may be affected by a number of common conditions. Standard agency protocols are to be followed in the collection and shipment of all samples.

3.4.2 Chain-of-Custody Record

All samples and other tangible evidence must be maintained in proper custody until orders have been received from competent authority directing their disposition. Precautions should be taken to protect the samples from breakage, fire, altering, and tampering. It is important that a record of the chain of custody of the samples be properly maintained from the time the samples are collected until ultimate use at the trial of the case. In this regard, a record of time, place, and name and title of the person collecting the sample, and each person handling same thereafter, must be maintained and forwarded with the sample. Form No. lEPA350051 may be used. US EPA Regional procedures for sample collection, transport and custody are to be used for all samples submitted to the Central Regional Laboratory.

3.4.3 Photographic Records

Conditions should be photographed to show the source and the extent of oil or hazardous material. The following information should be recorded in the metadata for each image:

  • Name and location of vessel facility
  • Date and time the photo was taken
  • Names of the photographer and witnesses
  • Shutter speed and lens opening
  • Type of media/imaging device used